AOI Student Testimonials

Purchasing AOI has been one of the best investments I've ever made for myself. Angela covers everything you need to know from picking your niche, to writing effective emails, to growth strategies. Because of her, I landed my first collaboration ever which happened to be with my dream company, Pandora. This course pays itself off once you start implementing her advice & I'm so grateful to her 🥰


I couldn't be more grateful for this course! Angela has put so much hard work in this to give us the perfect blend of all the important tips and tricks one should know to turn their content creation passion into a full-time job! I cannot believe that just within the first week of me signing up for this course, I landed one of my dream collaborations, by simply following all what she taught in this course! I'm so happy with this course. Angela explained everything in such an orderly manner with proper examples that made it more relatable. This course left me so inspired and fuelled my creativity even more! If you are struggling with your social media or just simply wanna see growth and progress in your creation, you should definitely invest in this course!


I enrolled into the AOl course in Feb this year and have come so far this year in terms of growing my personal business and instagram platform. Angela Giakas has been so great, and was always happy to answer any of my questions. I scored some amazing partnerships thanks to AOl and also just got my first overseas trip for 2023!! I've gone back to the course to re-vist a couple modules, as I have some big goals for 2023!!! And would love to take this fulltime in the very near future! Keep hustling and trust the process I am proof that it works and Angela has 100% given us the best course for it!


AOI is an amazing course with everything you need to know if you want to start as an influencer / content creator. Because of this course I was able to get my first ever paid collaboration, find my niche areas and work upon them to create some of my own growth strategies. One thing that I loved was that it not only educated me on how to reach out to brands but it also contains email / DM templates you can use to reach out o more brands while sounding more professional. I would 100% recommend it if you are stuck or thinking of starting your journey now.


This course has been a life changer! The tips I've learned through the lessons, especially the growth strategies have positively changed my mindset toward my content creation journey. Angela gives an in-depth insight into what it takes to become a full-time content creator and the exact steps you need to take to get there. The great part about this course is that you can actually see Angela's tips in practice and the type of growth you could achieve by using them! AOI is perfect for anyone interested in becoming a content creator to even a seasoned veteran. I can't wait to utilise all the strategies and tips I've learned and truly take my content creation to new heights. Thank you for making an incredible course!


Getting this course was such a great decision. Although I have been creating content for a while, I learned so much about what I was doing wrong and so much more I should be doing. From building a mindset change, to building your personal brand & building growth strategies- the course covers it all! It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or have been doing it for some time and want to level up your social game- this course will teach you everything. Bonus- the course comes with Angela's amazing presets, which are absolute game changers.


AOI is by far the best investment I ever made in myself and my business. We have made the money back tenfold, or even more. Today we are heading on a multi-country trip, all because of the success we've seen from the lessons learned within AOI. My story views have gone up 5x, and my engagement has gone up 10x. I am learning new things from what you say faster than I can write them down! The course could pay itself off with a single brand deal from what I've learned so far, and it will save years of misdirection.


I am honoured to be a student of this course and will forever be grateful for it. The course is super informative and easy to understand. I loved AOI so much that I went ahead and watched some of these videos multiple times. AOI has helped me a lot so far and I am confident that I can achieve my dreams if I continue to follow her instructions.


The course was amazing! Everything was so easy to understand and follow. My Instagram skyrocketed! I got so many new followers and brand deals IT REALLY WORKS! If I had to choose my favourite part I'd say it was the business side that no one talks about... such as how to contact brands, which information to include, what to charge for posts, how to find brand contracts & negotiate my worth. Thank you so much for this course and a LIFETIME ACCESS to all updates that's such a blessing 💕


This course is incredibly educational. Angela’s story is admirable as she continues to succeed. I learned beyond what I could have imagined from her. Angela covers everything! I am one to ask a lot of questions but felt that most of them were answered within the course. AOI was a wonderful experience and I learned so much. One of my favorite tips and quotes from AOI is “Let go of perfection”. Angela continuously discusses the importance of trusting yourself, staying resilient, being persistent, and having confidence. Thank you for all of the inspiration!


Joining AOl was the best decision ever, l've only started about a month ago and haven't gone through all the modules yet, about half ways there, and i can really say how much it's helped improve my ideas, photos, reels and even overall engagement with so many people from different countries 💕 it's def tough to keep yourself motivated but honestly if you enjoy it why not do it


AOl has been super helpful and I really appreciate how Angela is always only just a message away. Whenever I have questions, all I had to do was DM and she would reply so promptly and in great details.
The course content is very up-to-date with current trends and what benefits me a lot is the trending audios that get sent to me.. It genuinely saves me so much time. AOl isn't just a course but a community of aspiring content creators. It makes me feel less alone and more motivated to chase after my dreams.


I recently purchased AOl course and so far loving it!!! Super knowledgeable and so much things I learned already when creating content, i am so ready to take my instagram to the next level! I have been wanting to do this in long time, never found an opportunity to properly guide me, and here i am with your modules!!! Already planning my following weeks for creating contents in the right way a


Wow! All I can say is wow, thank you to Angela for making this course accessible. I've been a follower on Angela's instagram for a couple years now and when this course came about, it motivated me to take a leap in content creation. The in depth details on each module made it very helpful to understand and follow along. I am so happy l've invested in myself and taking the time to learn how I can improve my content creating and to take it further with the equipped knowledge I know now.


Honestly, AOl has been one of the best investment i've ever done. The things that i'm learning in the course is definitely helping me shape my social media account and many more. So excited to see what's coming next.
Thankyou so much Angela for providing us this platform for us to learn, grow and be successful like you!!! 💕


Slowly but surely plugging away, batching content (even made mum come snap some pics of us this past weekend) and seeing the results 🥰 I've done other courses before and felt like I mustn't have put enough in to see the results and I hesitated so much spending money on another course especially since my niche is not fashion/ travel but l'm feeling so empowered from AOl, thank you! It took me ages from initial purchase to sitting and doing the work but l'm also giving myself grace in that time! Working towards being full time influencers in 2024 while travelling full time as a family and I'm finally feeling like that's not a ridiculous plan 💗


I have never done a course like this before so I didn't know what to expect. But wow, it was so much better than I could have imagined!! You really go through all the different parts and it was a lot and really really good information. Exactly the things you want to know but no one will ever tell you... But you did! So thank you so much.


Hi Angela! I purchased AOI last week and I haven’t quite finished it yet but I’m loving it so far! I’m in step 1/2 from this post right now just figuring out which brand direction aligns with me best while also creating content and experimenting. The part I found most useful from the course so far has been everything about the media kit. I had heard that word and other terms thrown around and it made the realize how much I don’t know but your course breaks it down beautifully. You can tell how much work, time and expertise went into making it so thank you for creating it 💕